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  • On the 25th February, 2014 JF Nel wrote:

    Strong winds in fishhoek. A tree fell on a caravan in sunny acres caravan park

  • On the 14th February, 2014 Duncan Gohl wrote:

    Had a wonderful stay for a week in Fish Hoek. Sadly I had my petrol stolen twice whilst parked in Berg road. When we spotted the fuel running out at the garage , the kind guys at Pitstop offered to help me. They put the car up on the lift, reconnected the pipe and clip and flatly refused any payment. Support them if you can. Regards, Duncan Gohl

  • On the 14th October, 2013 Eufemia escorte wrote:

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  • On the 30th September, 2013 Ziggy Heuer wrote:

    A beautiful little village surrounded by natural wonders. I'm proud to call Fish Hoek my home.

  • On the 25th September, 2013 Wendy Clausen wrote:

    What a beautifully laid out website. Very informative and some wonderful pictures. I'm also very proud of my mum, Sheila Robinson for her contribution (wetland flower pictures). Her grandchildren love walking around the wetland with her as she points out and names all the flowers and trees.

  • On the 12th May, 2013 Eric Dillon wrote:

    I was born in Fish Hoek in 1949 at a nursing home near the old primary school I Lived in 11 avenue near Mrs Ball’s old factory, spent me summers on the beach and will always remember the great times we had as children growing up in a wonderful place, does anyone remember the name of the nursing home ? My e mail address is vis_hoek by the way I live in Australia now

  • On the 13th March, 2013 carol gosling wrote:

    would love to contact some friends who emigrated from colchester, uk in 1974, they are valerie and peter scofield, we believe they live in fish hoek, any advice much appreciated! carol and john gosling.

  • On the 13th March, 2013 carol gosling wrote:

    i would love to contact some friends who emigrated from colchester, essex, uk in 1974, they are valerie and peter scofield who we believe now live in fish hoek, is there any way of contacting them locally your end? (i've tried facebook etc., without success!), any advice would be very appreciated. thank you. carol gosling.

  • On the 25th December, 2012 Richard Lowe wrote:

    Will be coming home after many years away. Fish hook is still the greatest place on earth. Spent a very happy childhood at fish hook primary and fish hook junior high. Living in the uk hook will always be home

  • On the 31st July, 2012 Lutz, (Germany) wrote:

    A beautiful Plaece of the World, this Western Cape from South Africa. Feeling pur, yeah Life !! Greetings from German.

  • On the 2nd June, 2012 Sheila Pitts wrote:

    I hope you can satisfy my curiosity. I grew up in FH and recently paid a visit to family there. We were interested to know the origin of the bleached white stump on the grass embankment which would have been behind the bathing shed, now demolished, on Jagers Walk. We believe it to be whalebone, could this be the case?

  • On the 4th April, 2012 Alfred Beilin wrote:

    hi all the best to yous for 2012, alf

  • On the 25th October, 2011 Jeannette Kent wrote:

    Hi, I used to go to Fish Hoek Beach as as child of about 11 (45 years ago) and we could listen to Christian Stories from a club called CCM, I think. They used to build a huge sand-castle on the beach and we would sit on it and then they would tell us biblical stories. If I remember correctly, they also had a banner which they put on top of the sand-castle to advertise the holiday club. I think that someone took pictures of these gatherings and the sandcastle and wondered if there was a local newspaper at the time which had published same? Could you please advise me where I might be able to get a copy of these newspapers? I have no problem looking through old editions to find the pictures, if necessary as I am keen to have the pictures. Many thanks for your help Jeanette Kent Cell - 083 651 2838 H - 021 5583712

  • On the 12th October, 2011 Brink Laubscher wrote:

    We took over The Attic in Fish Hoek 2 months ago and I can testify that this town has the friendliest people I ever came accross. Brink Laubscher - Cape Town Coins

  • On the 30th April, 2011 Lukas wrote:

    Great site. Congratulations. Lukas, Poland

  • On the 11th March, 2011 Sharon Mikkelson wrote:

    How far is Fish Hoek from Cape Town? I've been writing to a letter from there for 53 years and I want to meet her. We also want to sight see. Can you give me some help? We have a Viop phone 940-484-8441

  • On the 25th February, 2011 Bruce Shepherd wrote:

    I am trying to contact the Fish Hoek tourist office to speak to someone but could not find anything on the internet except this so I am making my comment here and would aprreciate a response. I have been here 4 days and every morning we have ALL BEEN WOKEN AT 6.00 AM by very loud blasts on a train hooter. Unless this is stopped we will certainly NOT BE COMING back to Fish Hoek. We are from the UK. Can you imagine going on holiday and being woken so early. And almost every train thereafter the same thing so it is impossibloe to go back to sleep. Our young children wake up and if you are a parent you know that is your worst nightmare. Tired irratble children spoil a long awaited holiday. The sirens are bad enough but I understand you have to have some sound - but not those ridiculously loud hooters. This will drive tourists away. Bruce Shepherd

  • On the 23rd February, 2011 David Paul wrote:

    I was a very young child when we stayed at the Bon Esperance with Raymond and Nevilles' family from 1947 - 1949. Are either of them still living around Fishoek? Regards, David Paul, son of Betty and Bill Paul

  • On the 28th January, 2011 Dennis van Zyl wrote:

    attended fish hoek primary std 1 & 5 & fish hoek high 6 & part seven. round 1984 - 86. mates with glen hatt, sarah waters, bennie keyser, steven cruikshank, ashley cooper, sharon pinfield to remember a few - Phone 0834048833

  • On the 28th December, 2010 Angela Frost (nee Fielden) wrote:

    FHPS & FHHS 1963 - 1976 - I was brought up in Fish Hoek and went to both FHPS (from 1963 to 1969) and FHHS (from 1970 to 1976). My parents still live in Fish Hoek. I now live just outside Oxford, in the UK, with my husband Philip. I am planning and organising a reunion for all pupils who matriculated between 1970 and 1979 - calling it the 70's decade reunion. It will be held just outside Oxford on the 27th of August 2011. For more details please see the facebook group called FHHS 70's Reunion. Cheers for now Angela Frost (nee Fielden)

  • On the 16th July, 2010 Richard Luyt wrote:

    I have a new email address Just want to send greetings to my fellow classmates of 1981: Gillian Fraser, Tracey Bradley, Kevin Pearson, Cathy Joyce, Dickie Kotze, Melani Kotze, Gary Christian, Shane Damstra, Stephen Cruikshank, Sharon Pinfield, Elaine Erving and many more.

  • On the 9th June, 2010 Janet Brown wrote:

    Hi, my family came to Fishhoek in 1969 from Western Australia on a working holiday to S.A. and we tayd in my Grandmother's house which was in Recreation Rd very near to the High School. The Kirsten family lived next door (Linda and Diane, twins). Allan James lived almost opposite, a very sweet special person. Donald Rother (friend) Reven Arbrahamse (not sure spelt correctly) Heidi Furness, Colin Brown, Kenneth Mushet, just some I can remember. We spent many happy days at the beautiful beach and Jaggers Walk. When my sister Carol and I were little our families spent many happy times there, my cousin Lesley Richards lived there for a while.Currently living in Secret Harbour Western Australia.

  • On the 23rd April, 2010 Brenda Cooper wrote:

    worked a False Bay Hospital in the 70's. Still visit Fish Hoek when I visit S.A. Live in the uk now

  • On the 23rd April, 2010 David Paul wrote:

    >I left a message on the guestbook about Raymond and Neville Bateman - would you be able to forward this email to them? >My family stayed at the Bon Esperance when we were in South Africa between 1947 and about 1949. I have several photos from my late mother Betty's albums of the brothers and also their parents, if they are interested. To refresh their memories, my parents were Bill and Betty Paul (Dad Bill was in the Navy) and my late older brother was Gavin Paul.

  • On the 10th April, 2010 Brenda Cooper wrote:

    I worked at False Bay Hospital for 2 years 1972 1974 Now living in the U.K. for 34 years . Walked on the beach last Nov. All the memories came back miss the road house????

  • On the 28th March, 2010 Brian Haynes wrote:

    (Fish Hoek High School 1975) Had a lovely time at Fish Hoek High School in 1975-6 with my brother Clive. Returned to England and have spent 31 years in Government Service. Now semi-retired. Love to hear from anyone that remembers me from that time. the ex-pat South African Community in London is now huge. Happily answer any questions if anyone is thinking of coming to London. Live with wife and family in London. Kind regards to all

  • On the 23rd March, 2010 Kate Law wrote:

    Hello, My name is Kate Law and I am a PhD student at Sheffield University in the UK. I'm presently in Cape Town for a few weeks to do some research at UCT. My thesis is about white Rhodesian/ Zimbabwean women c.1950-1980. I was wondering if there are any ex- Rhodesian/Zimbabwean white women who would agree to an interview? I can travel to suit you. Looking forward to hearing from you all Best Wishes Kate Law

  • On the 10th March, 2010 Howard Allum wrote:

    Re: Jager's Walk. Dear Sirs,I was brought up in South Africa and spent many happy holidays in Fish Hoek with my brother and parents. My Mum and Dad used to love sitting on Jager's Walk and swimming from the rocks. On a recent visit I noticed many small memorial plaques attached to the benches on Jager's Walk. I would very much like to do the same in memory of my parents and brother.Can you direct me to the right person to speak to about this possibility? Hi Howard, you should contact the beach manager, Harold Ross, by email at : Mr. Ross did say that Fish Hoek benches were liable to be vandalised. Some benchs have lost their plaques, but still "belong" to some-one. Good luck! ~Donald.

  • On the 21st February, 2010 Peter Crawford wrote:

    I went to the Primary school from 1955 to 1959 and thence to Rondebosch Prep and High School. From there married and moved to Pretoria. Moved back to Constantia in 1978 and bought a house in Fish Hoek in 2009. Its like moving to a new country. Only difference is everyone speaks English. Ive lost touch completely.

  • On the 12th February, 2010 Karen Harrison (nee Sadd) wrote:

    Went to Fish Hoek High School from 1978 to 1981. Married Grant Harrison from Recreation Road and have two wonderful children, Darryn 24 and Cherise 20. Lived and worked in Fish Hoek for many years. Memories of Fish Hoek, damn windy!!! Been in the UK for many years and daily if I leave here the memory will be of grey sky, but at least safe. Lastly, ' Hi Michelle Kasfikas (nee de Villiers and Charmain Miell (nee Rowe) if you read this. Love you xx

  • On the 19th January, 2010 Jo Griffiths wrote:


  • On the 17th January, 2010 Gail Larson wrote:

    My family and I plan to visit this Christmas. My daughter lives in Sweden and we all live in Oregon and California. I enjoyed your informative website. Looking forward to our trip. thank you for the work you do on the website. Sincerely, Gail Larson

  • On the 14th January, 2010 Sam Elswood wrote:

    I stayed in Fish Hoek with my dad Brian Yarwood in 1997, we lost touch after that.I am searching for him, he has 2 grandsons I want him to meet.

  • On the 7th January, 2010 Neil Parker wrote:

    Just a quick note to tell you about the excellent service I always receive from Capones Pizza in Valyland. Incredibly efficient and friendly and the best pizza's in Fish Hoek!

  • On the 2nd January, 2010 Dillon Birnes wrote:

    Lived in the Fish Hoek area for twelve years and loved every moment of it!! I just wanted to say that there's also a 2nd Fish Hoek scout group in thats located next to Paul Greyling School. We do loads of fun activities ie: Fufi slide, climbing wall & paintball range at the Noordhoek fair. We go on two camps, the Breede river camp during the summer and a winter camp and both are LOADS of fun! thanks that's all from me!

  • On the 30th December, 2009 Annelie & Jan Strandberg wrote:

    Hallo... My wife and I are from Sweden and have spent the last 4 years in wounderful Fish Hoek. We usually arrive arround mid January and stay for 8 weeks. Last Year I took a picture at Fish Hoek Beach. I think is shows the friendly atmosfaer and at the same time the fantstic Beach at its best. I give You the a gift, maybe You can use it for PR

  • On the 6th December, 2009 Ken & Fern Joubert wrote:

    My parents were transferred by the S. A. Railways in about 1933 to Fish Hoek. they became very great friends (for life) with the EthEL NEFDT and her husband. We visited, the widow, EthEL at her home in Fish Hoek in 1978 and had lunch with her at a small local restaurant in the center of FISH HOEK. I expect that she is dead by now and may be buried in Fish Hoek. Her daughter JOY NEFDT was a well known horse rider in the Cape area winning trophys for her abilities. She evidently married into a very rich family - connected with the Cunard Steamship Lines in Cape town is there any way I could get a copy of the newspaper announcement of her funeral. Kenn Joubert Retired Psychologist and Author 1492 Fiddick Crescent, Nanaimo BC Canada V9X1P5

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