Local maps for sale


As vendors for the South African Bureau of Land Affairs  
we are able to supply the public with many maps of 
South Africa and the Cape Peninsula with varying 
scales - at very reasonable prices.

You can view these at our shop in Recreation Road, Fish Hoek  
ph/fx +27 (0) 21 7820233 or order them online by e-mailing  

We can also supply aerial photographs of most of South Africa at the  
resolution you want in either black and white or colour.

A small selection of our maps is shown here. 
Please click on a map to enlarge your view. 

Fishhoek aerial photo  


South Africa 2002 Edition

1:10000 BW Aerial photo Fish Hoek 

1:50000 Cape Peninsula 

1:100000 The Fairest Cape  

1:250000 South West Cape  


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